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Spring contacts and lands for PCB interconnection and a wide range of data, power and battery charging applications including:

  • charging batteries in portable instruments
  • power and data transfer pins in a docking station
  • integral compliant contacts, such as for an antenna contact in a mobile phone
  • board to board spring contacts for use in computerised gaming systems and telecommunications units

The spring loaded contact consists of a gold plated tubular metal barrel, spring and plunger as a one piece item. The tip of the spring loaded plunger will provide a reliable electrical contact to the target, whose distance away or position may well be uncertain.

The diagram to the right shows one of our spring contacts (PD10JS). On this particular spring contact, the barrel has a barb halfway down its length. The barb holds the spring contact tightly in place when inserted into a plastic block or housing. The collar acts as a stop enabling the spring contact to be mounted at a set position. Some spring contacts in our range have a tail which will enable them to be soldered to a PCB.

Typically a mating contact land is used as the mating surface. The tip of the plunger will usually be rounded in shape (radius) which will prevent damage or significant wear to the contact land.

A range of spring contacts which are fitted from the front of a plastic panel/housing.
A collar is found near the top end of the spring contact. This acts as a stop enabling the spring contact to be mounted at a set position. Some of the spring contacts in the range can be used with a receptacle which means that they can be removed without disconnecting the wiring.

View Spring Loaded Contacts - front fitment Range

A range of spring loaded contacts whose fitment method is from behind the plastic moulding or housing.
A collar is found at the back end of the spring contact. This acts as a stop enabling the spring contact to be mounted at a set position. A barb is often used midway down the barrel to permanently hold the spring contact in position once fitted.

The movie shows a typical installation using the PD10JS spring contact and the IPP2S contact land.

View Spring Loaded Contacts - back fitment Range

Surface mounting board-to-board spring contacts in various heights. Ideal for use in computer gaming systems and telecommunications units.

View PCB to PCB fitment Range
Contact Lands

A series of solid lands for use as the mating part of a spring contact.

Applications include:

  • As a contact plate in a battery pack
  • In a docking station for a hand-held instrument
View Contact Lands Range
Closure-Connect - long travel connectors

Long travel/reach, spring loaded electrical connectors for power and lighting.
Versatile and rugged they are ideal for applications where the distance between the spring loaded side and contact land side may be variable or imprecise such as:

Door/window/drawer closures
Industrial/retail shelving
Sliding systems

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Please scroll to the bottom of this section to see the spring loaded contacts and contact lands that make up the connectors. They are available separately.

View Closure-Connect - long travel connectors Range

Power docking connectors with high current capability.

Our two new series of robust, multi-point power connectors for use in power charging systems.

View Power Dock - 100amp connectors Range