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Wrap/strip/unwrapping hand tools - Two versatile tools which make attaching a wire onto wirewrap receptacles easy. These tools will strip the wire and wrap it neatly as well as unwrapping any wiring that needs to be altered. WHT26M is suitable for the larger 26 AWG and provides a 'modified' wrap. The WHT30 provides a standard wrap for the more common 30 AWG wire size.

Engineers dial calliper - A pocket-sized, low-cost dial calliper ideal for measuring probe tip diameter, receptacle height and plunger travel. Manufactured from high quality engineering grade plastic which will not scratch delicate items, this calliper is ideal for factory technicians. Capacity 100mm, metric graduations with resolution down to 0.1mm.

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A device which, upon receipt of a test pass signal, will scribe a permanent circular mark onto the unit under test.

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Receptacle insertion tools, receptacle removal kits and tungsten carbide drill bits

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Probe removal hooks

For the removal of headed probes in the LPA2, ELPA2, PA4, LPA4 and ELPA4 series from crowded test fixtures. Only for head sizes 1.2 to 2.0mm.

Probe insertion tools

These PIT's allow the installation of certain series of test probes into their receptacles with less risk of damage by handling.

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Insulated head probes are used for circuit board component lead detection and testing. The insulating tip is raised slightly higher than the metal serrated tip. During test, if the component lead or connector pin is set correctly, the electrical contact will be made.

Pins absent or misaligned will cause the insulator to make contact first and fail the test.

How to use Insulated Head Probes

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