Kelvin twin terminal socket pins

Kelvin test pins for the testing of transformers, chokes, relays, solenoids and cable harnesses.

A series of twin-terminal socket pins providing a two point contact onto a single lead, pin or terminal. This method allows a high quality and effective 4-pole/kelvin connection, and with suitable equipment attached, will enable the taking of accurate resistance & impedance measurements.

Available in two fitment types, each in two sizes, the open construction and the simple fitment method of this range allows quick installation into your test block. The high quality of materials used in manufacturing this product range allows durability and a reliable test contact for a wide range of component lead diameters, typically 0.5mm to 1.3mm.

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A twin terminal alligator clip with separate terminals, which allows 4-pole measurements to be taken of leads, terminals and cables.

Ideal for LRC bridges, milliohm meters and transformer testers

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