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A range of test products for a large variety of test applications

Current flows of up to 35 amps for load and functional testing of power components such as semi-conductors, solenoids, loaded PCBs, bus-bars, wound components and batteries. This range shares identical dimensions and will readily intermix with the PA3 - PA7 series and the PC8 series respectively.

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For load and functional testing of bus-bars and batteries. Current flows up to 400 amps.

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A range of concentric test probes intended specifically for making 4 to 6 pole (Kelvin) tests on PCBs, bus bars, equipment chassis and screw heads.

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Kelvin test pins for the testing of transformers, chokes, relays, solenoids and cable harnesses.

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For the very fine pitch testing of semi-conductor devices and PCBs down to 0.46mm centres.

A range of microprobes designed to allow very fine pitch testing of PCBs, substrates, semiconductors and devices, from 0.46mm to 0.76mm test centres.

The PM2 and PA0 series, are of a non-replaceable design; the space saved by not having a receptacle allows testing to as small as 0.46mm centres. The fitment method is a delicate yet simple process and you can have the option of a pre-attached cable, allowing easier connection to the test jig.

The PA0 'R' series uses a receptacle, giving the added advantage of probe replaceability, yet still allowing testing at a minimum spacing of 0.5mm. The receptacle has the convenient option of a pre-attached cable.

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Probes with a broad bandwidth for making high frequency tests of RF connectors and PCBs.

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Test probes with an integral micro-switch used for electrically testing and signalling the presence of a lead or pin.

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Pneumatic test probes provide an alternative to the use of conventional spring contact test probes to solve some problems in test fixture design.

The main advantages of this system are:

  • There is no need for a moving probe plate or push plate
  • The probes are held away from the test item until contact is required. This avoids damage/wear and tear of the probe tips. When the compressed air is switched on the probe tips move into contact with the test pad
  • The ability to program sequential tests using a programmer and electric valves to operate different probes at set times in the test programme

How to use

Pneumatic system components

View Pneumatic Probing Systems Range

Devices which detect the presence or absence of non-conductive features.

View Presence Detection Probes Range

Pinned plunger stops tip rotation which allows probing of connector pins in recessed slots.

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Test probes with unusually large tip diameters. Used for applications where the contact target is ill defined.

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Essential components for jig builders and customisers

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