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The Coda-Pin brand is the industry standard in spring contact test probes. Our test probes have been used in the electronics production industry for over 40 years.

Founded by Colin Davis in 1980, we are still a family owned and run business.

Our technical team are dedicated to finding you the correct test probe for your application. If you can't find what you require on this web site then please contact us for help

What is a test probe?

Test probe – test pin – spring probe – pogo pin. These are all generic terms to describe a component whose spring loaded tip will provide a reliable electrical contact to a target whose distance away may well be variable or indeterminate.

The traditional use for them is to make contact with printed circuit boards (PCBs) or electrical components, in order to test functionality and to measure the value of the components. They are widely used in vacuum test fixtures associated with automatic test equipment (ATE). They are also used inside a functional test station as part of a larger production line.

The general purpose test probes in the three sections below can be used in a wide variety of test applications such as in test jigs and test fixtures.

See also our ATE test probes section.

  • Low profile, short travel test probes for restricted space applications

  • Applications where long travel is not required such as thin film/hybrid circuits or bareboard PCB testing

  • Replaceable test probe by use of a receptacle

What is a test probe?

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  • Industry standard height for test jigs and production line test positions

  • Wide range of widths depending on the test centre spacing (pitch)

  • Testing of components, transformers, connectors and sub-assemblies

  • Replaceable test probe by use of a receptacle

What is a test probe?

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  • Recessed test targets

  • Component leads whose height may vary

  • Replaceable test probe by use of a receptacle

  • Dual-height test fixtures

What is a test probe?

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