SWIFT-DOCK-5-L (land side)


This is the contact land side of our five pin, spring loaded interface array without PCB They are ideal for data and power transfer between handheld devices and docking stations. Instead of spending a lot of time designing your own bespoke interface, Swift-Dock can be integrated into the design of a handheld device and docking station. The contact land side, which is usually utilized in the handset is paired with the spring contact side which is used in the docking station. Quotations available for quantities greater than 20000. Please contact us.
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1 - 49 4.75
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100 - 249 4.26
250 - 499 4.26
500 - 999 4.26
1000 - 2999 2.95
3000 - 4999 2.95
5000 - 9999 2.80
10000 - 20000 2.03
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Spring Contact and Land Specification

No. of contacts
Maximum travel
Recommended travel (Max)
Recommended travel (Min)
Spring force at recommended travel (Max)
600g (5 pins)
Current rating DC (max)
10 amps DC cont; per pin.
Material; spring contact & land
Gold plated brass
Operating temperature range
-40 – to +150’C


Moulding Specification

Polyamide PA66
Black. Other colours available for volume qty
Fitment screw hole size
Sealing gasket part no.
UL rating
UL94V-2. By request UL94V-0
IP rating
IP50, IP55 with gasket. Land connector IP67 with rear sealing


Connection specification

Cable type for solder connection:
Equipment wire, multi-strand suitable for 6 amps DC; 16/0.2 for 3 amp DC or 7/0.25 – 1 amp and data DC
If using with SD-Power spring contact side
Flexible mult-istrand cable suitable for 10 amps continuous load current. Please note: Allow sufficient cable length for tail movement on the spring contact side to prevent fracturing at the solder point. Shrink sleeving may be required