Fittings and Accessories

This is supplied by the metre in either 1mm, 2mm or 3mm size. For supplying individual probes 1mm is adequate, but for any load up to five probes we would recommend 2mm, and for more than five probes we would suggest you use 3mm gauge hose.

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These pressure chambers have a single air inlet and a seperate air outlet for each device that is to be operated

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These allow air connections to be made to manifolds.

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The EV12 and EV24 are for 12v and 24v operation respectively, which allow the switching on and off of an airline. They must be used in conjunction with one of the connector bases.

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You can install one electric valve onto a single base type CB-1, or alternatively install several valves onto a single multiway base. Up to 10 valves can be accomodated on one base. Each base then provides a single air input, marker 'P' together with an output for each switch, marker 'A', and a single vacuum relief opening, marker 'R'. To these openings should be fitted a suitable connector, type AM3 series for the single base CB-1, and the AM5 series for the CB-2 to CB-10 bases.

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