PM4 Series

Replaceable. Plug socket. 1mm test centres.

Specification Details

Test Probe Specification

Minimum test centre
Full travel
Working travel
Spring force
at wkg travel
Current rating DC (max)
2 Amps
Temperature range
-55 to 150 C
Receptacle Specification

Drill hole size


The tail of this micro test probe plugs into a socket installed in a second block which is located beneath the probe plate. This allows the probe to be a replaceable item, without the extra width of a receptacle around it. The socket can either have a cable crimped or soldered to it. It can also accept the RM4T terminal plug.


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Tip Style Point
Tip Style Point
Coda Systems | PM4 Series 0
Tip Style Plain Flat
Coda Systems | PM4 Series 1
Tip Style Plain Concave
Coda Systems | PM4 Series 2
Tip Style Plain Radius
Coda Systems | PM4 Series 3
Receptacle - Crimp Or Plug Socket
Coda Systems | PM4 Series 4
Receptacle - Plug - Pre-wired With 700mm Of 30AWG
Coda Systems | PM4 Series 5
Receptacle - Terminal
Coda Systems | PM4 Series 6
Receptacle - Terminal - Pre-wired With 700mm Of 30AWG
Coda Systems | PM4 Series 7