PK2 Series

A range of concentric test probes intended specifically for making 4 to 6 pole (Kelvin) tests on PCBs, bus bars, equipment chassis and screw heads. A wide range of tip styles is available including sharp inner and outer probes for contact problem areas and concaved outer designed for contacting pan-head screws. This range makes low resistance measurements very easy.

Specification Details

Full travel (outer)
Recommended travel
Spring force at F.T.
Maximum current (outer)
3 Amp
Drill hole size for probe

Optional receptacle part no: RK2
Drill hole size for receptacle: 2.05mm


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Tip Style Crown / Crown
Coda Systems | PK2 Series 0
Tip Style Flat / Pyramid
Coda Systems | PK2 Series 1
Tip Style Crown / Pyramid
Coda Systems | PK2 Series 2
Tip Style Flat / Crown
Coda Systems | PK2 Series 3
Coda Systems | PK2 Series 4