PE3 Series

For SMA sockets.

The PE3 series are coaxial probes designed to make a spring loaded connection to SMA sockets. This substitutes the need for sacrificial plugs and sockets.

Specification Details

50 Ohms
Working travel
4.24mm (.167″)
Spring force at working travel

Outer shield
57g (2.0oz)
Inner contact
113g (4.0oz)
Current rating DC cont (max)
3 Amps
Maximum Frequency (3db c/o)
2.5 GHz
Ins loss
Required tail connector
SMB plug

Mounting Hole Size: 6.35mm/6.40mm Drill Part No: DE3


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Tip Style Spear
Tip Style Spear Centre Probe
Coda Systems | PE3 Series 0
Tip Style Concave Centre Probe
Coda Systems | PE3 Series 1
Tip Style Coaxial Land
Coda Systems | PE3 Series 2