HD-PC8 Series

This range of lower profile test probes can be used for load and functional testing of power components, wound components and batteries. The short overall length is useful in positions where space is minimal.

Specification Details

Test Probe Specification

Full travel
Working travel
Spring force
at wkg travel
Operating temp. range
-100 C to +200 C
Current rating DC cont (max)
24 Amps DC max.
Minimum test centres
4.0mm (.187″)

Receptacle Specification

Mounting hole size: 3.0mm.
Drill part no. DS6


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Tip Style Serrated Head 2.3mm
Coda Systems | HD-PC8 Series 0
Receptacle: Solder-Pot, Press Fitment
Coda Systems | HD-PC8 Series 1
Tungsten carbide drill bits for probe plates
Coda Systems | HD-PC8 Series 2