PC6 Series

Based on the PC1 series, the PC6 series offers superior electrical characteristics which makes them ideal for use as a replaceable miniature battery contact. This series uses a receptacle to enable soldering to the PCB or to the wiring.

Specification Details

Full travel
Working travel
Spring force at full travel
Light spring
X Heavy spring
Current rating DC cont.
3 Amps
Minimum centre spacing

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Tip Style Spear Point
Coda Systems | PC6 Series 0
Tip Style Radius Head
Coda Systems | PC6 Series 1
Tip Style Plain Radius
Receptacle: Solder In - Gold Plated (for soldering)
Coda Systems | PC6 Series 4
Receptacle: Solder Cup - Gold Plated (for soldering)
Coda Systems | PC6 Series 5