PC4 Series

A spring contact with a short overall length that is suitable for use where a rugged design is required.

Specification Details

Full travel 4.0mm (.157″)
Working travel 3.2mm (.126″)
Spring force at wkg travel
L extra light spring 80g (5.4oz)
S Light spring 150g (5.4oz)
X Heavy spring 300g (10.8oz)
U Ultra Heavy spring 800g (28oz)
Current rating DC cont 5 Amps
Minimum test centres 6.50mm (.256″)

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Receptacle: Solder-Tag/Unplated
Coda Systems | PC4 Series 5
Tip Style Solder-In (Closed End)
Coda Systems | PC4 Series 6
Tip Style Solder-In (Opened)
Coda Systems | PC4 Series 7
Receptacle: Solder-Tag/Gold Plated
Coda Systems | PC4 Series 8