PD16 Series

A low profile, large sized spring contact with solderpot tail for direct wire or PCB connection. Ideal for robust applications. Available in light and heavy spring variants. Has a current rating of 8 amps. Features a barb for retention in a plastic moulding.

Specification Details

Full travel
Working travel
Spring force at wkg travel
PD16JST-SP 200g
PD16JXT-SP 325g
Current rating DC cont (Quiescent)
8 amps
12 amps
Current rating DC cont (Active)
4 amps
6 amps
Minimum centre spacing
Connection method
Solder into PCB hole
or solder wire onto end
Mounting hole size (body)
100 000 cycles (min)

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Mating Contact Land - Flat Head - Solder Pot
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