PA6 Series

A medium reach, general purpose probe for testing at a minimum of 4.75mm centres.

Specification Details

Test Probe Specification

Full travel
6.35mm (.250″)
Working travel
4.24mm (.167″)
Spring force
at wkg travel
‘S’ light spring
‘X’ heavy spring
‘U’ heavy spring
Current rating DC cont (max)
7 Amps
Temperature range
Light spring
-55 to 105 C
Heavy spring
-55 to 150 C
Minimum test centres

Receptacle Specification

Mounting hole size: 2.72/2.77mm.
2.75mm drill is most commonly used:
Drill part no. DA6. RIT tool part no. TA6

How To Use

Product Selection
Fitment & Usage
After Care


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